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The global conference for the Nuxeo community

October 9-10, 2013

Centre de Conférence Paris Victoire - 52 rue de la Victoire, 75009 Paris

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For the 2013 edition of Nuxeo World, the first day will be full of information-packed sessions, and the second day will have hands-on training workshops. Tickets can be bought for either day, or both. Note that the number of seats for the workshops is limited to 80, so register now before it fills up! 

The final program is still being defined, but we’ve included an outline of what we’ve got cooking to give you an idea of the schedule and activities that you can take part in.

Wednesday, October 9


Auditorium Meeting room
08:45 - 09:15 Registration and coffee  
09:15 - 10:00 Opening Keynote by the CEO  
10:00 - 10:30 nuxeo.io  
10:30 - 11:00 Coffee & Networking  
11:00 - 11:30

Lightning talks: Nuxeo Team

  • How to Contribute to the Nuxeo Community
  • Monitoring and Performance
  • Marketplace Packages

Partner Talk: Océane Consulting Data Management

Using Vaadin to Integrate Nuxeo and Liferay

11:30 - 12:00 Advanced Workflow with Content Routing

Lightning talks: Chalmers University, Nuxeo

  • Create an iOS Application with Nuxeo
  • Nuxeo for Gamers: Quake-style Terminal
Auditorium Meeting room
2:00 - 2:45 Roadmap 2014  
2:45 - 3:15 Building Applications with AngularJS  
3:15 - 3:45

Partner Talks: Hippo, Ephesoft, Osivia

  • Using CMIS to Present Relevant Assets in Hippo
  • Feed your Nuxeo System with Ephesoft's Intelligent Document Capture Platform 
  • Construire un portail avec Nuxeo *

Partner Talk: Sword Group

Spi2Scan: A Document Acquisition Solution for the Nuxeo Platform

3:45 - 4:15 Coffee & Networking  
4:15 - 4:45

Customer Talk: French National Electricity Company

A Document Management Application for 200 Users Built with Nuxeo Studio 

Partner Talk: Capgemini

Nuxeo Case Studies: Content Management Applications for

  •  NFI (Netherlands Forensics) and
  • MVB, a German business magazine for the publishing and bookselling industry
4:45 - 5:15

Customer Talk: Vilogia

Extensibility and Use of Nuxeo as a Document Management Platform

Customer Talk: French Agriculture Ministry

Présentation des applications GEDCourriers et GEDEI *

5:15 - 5:45

Lightning talks:

"How to Customize the Nuxeo Platform"

  • Nuxeo Drive
  • Nuxeo Studio  
  • XML Extension Point Completion
5:45 - 6:15 Digital Asset Management with the Nuxeo Platform  

*These presentations will be in French


Cocktail Room
6:15 - 9:00 Happy Hour and Cocktail

Thursday, October 10: Workshop Day

The number of seats for the workshops is limited - there won't be seats for all conference attendees. If you want to attend one of these sessions, register ASAP for the conference and make sure that you indicate which session you want to attend during the registration process!


Nuxeo Basics Nuxeo Advanced
9 - 12

Build a data model and adapt your interface with Nuxeo Studio

  • Create content models based on your business problem, with the relevant metadata, validation rules, forms, lifecycle, permissions, etc.
  • Brand your application with your own logo, colors, pictures, and other custom elements
  • Define the navigation with queues, multi-axis browsing, etc.
  • Define document templates to generate fully formatted and ready-to-use documents from your content repository, such as invoices, purchase orders, etc.
  • Enable and disable existing features and services to fit your needs
9 - 12

Build a next generation UI for your application with AngularJS and Nuxeo

In this workshop, we’ll show you how to build an application with the Nuxeo Platform on the back-end and the popular JavaScript framework AngularJS on the client side. We will use the REST API to browse the repository and trigger operations on documents.


Nuxeo Basics Nuxeo Advanced
2 - 5

Implement your business logic

  • Create chains of operations to model your business logic
  • Design workflows to implement your processes, with fork/merge points, escalation support, due date management, dynamic sub-workflows, etc.
  • Configure user actions (actionable buttons) and event reactors triggering chains of operations
  • Configure email notifications
2 - 5

Monitor your Nuxeo application

Learn how to monitor your Nuxeo application and understand extracted metrics using Graphite. Extend the monitoring framework to gather meaningful information and learn how to exploit the data using Elasticsearch and Kibana.

There will be an awesome party on Thursday night, after the workshops, so be sure to stay with us!


General Talks 

Opening Keynote - Eric Barroca, Nuxeo CEO

A Year in Review 

nuxeo.io - Brendan Coveney

nuxeo.io is a Platform as a Service offering for building business applications with the Nuxeo Platform.  

Advanced Workflows with Content Routing - Alain Escaffre

In the past year, Nuxeo has greatly extended the feature set of its workflow engine to include sub-workflows, escalation, re-assignment, parallel tasks, configurable dashboards, and a new resolution screen. We will review what's been added with a complete example and also talk about the roadmap of the product. 

Building Applications with AngularJS - Damien Metzler

In this session you will discover to use the Nuxeo Platform to build an HTML5 application on top of a JavaScript framework. After a quick introduction to AngularJS and its ecosystem, we will review the new Nuxeo REST API and then explain how to use it to build a sample application.

Did You Say DAM? Digital Asset Management with the Nuxeo Platform - Frédéric Vadon and Thibaud Arguillere

Digital assets are content, just like any other document, and we know how to handle content. However, digital assets do have specific constraints that require specific answers. This session will give a demonstration of the new version of Nuxeo DAM, with an overview of both out-of-the-box features and configuration and customization possibilities with Nuxeo Studio.  

Lightning Talks: 3 x 10 minutes per session

How to Contribute to the Community - Laurent Doguin

Laurent to give some insight about our community and discuss what we understand by contribution in the wide sense of the term. A contribution is not limited to code; it starts a lot earlier than that. We’ll see where to start, so that we can help you become a part of the community. 

Monitoring and Performance - Benoit Delbosc

This talk will be delivered by the man behind Funkload, a tool used for functional and load testing of web applications. Benoit will talk about how we manage monitoring and performance for the Nuxeo Platform, and how we provide our tools & know-how in application monitoring to our customers. There are some interesting new features and improvements in this area that you need to know about. 

Marketplace Packages - Thibaud Arguillere

Adding new features to a Nuxeo application means, most of the time, just adding a .jar to the “bundles” (or “plugins”) folder of the Nuxeo server – a quick and easy process. Right? Not if you have to deal with dependencies, lifecycle states (development or production-ready?), or third-party plug-ins, just to mention a few drawbacks of this drag’n'drop algorithm. In this short session, Thibaud will introduce the Nuxeo Marketplace and explain how it makes all this process as easy as possible.

Create an iOS Application with Nuxeo - Jean-Marc Orliaguet, Chalmers University, Sweden

Chalmers University is located on two campuses in the city of Gothenburg, Sweden. A geographic information system was built on top of the Nuxeo Platform to help students find their way around the university areas. An iOS app was also created. During this talk, you will see how it was done.  

Nuxeo for Gamers: Quake-Style Terminal - Thierry Delprat

While building the new nuxeo.js automation client, we also build a JavaScript shell.Compared to the existing Java-based Automation shell, this new HTML/JavaScript shell is lightweight. Integrated as a Quake-like shell, it allows you to quickly pull out a shell from any page inside Nuxeo and use it to introspect repository data, test, and debug automation calls.

Nuxeo Drive: An Extensible Solution For Synchronizing Your Desktop with a Nuxeo Repository - Antoine Taillefer

After a demonstration of the main features of Nuxeo Drive, we will show you how it can be customized and extended to adapt to specific requirements. For instance, you can implement a custom hierarchy on the client side by contributing to extension points, or change the Nuxeo Drive desktop icon, allowing us to see how the client can be built for different platforms. 

Nuxeo Studio - Benjamin Jalon

In this presentation, we’ll discuss the process used at Nuxeo to create a toolbox for customers to use when building their content management applications. This process includes:

 - Easy project start up, with an iterative approach,

 - More efficient setting up of the project's functional coverage,

 - Simplified maintenance for a fixed cost,Easy management of the project versioning.

XML Extension Point Completion in Nuxeo IDE - Sun Tan, Serli

To all Java developers: can you imagine coding Java without code completion in your favorite IDE? - No way! - Yet, this is how we've been coding for years with Nuxeo components and extension points in Eclipse. Sun started to write this new feature in Nuxeo IDE: an extension to the Eclipse WST XML Editor for completion proposals based on the Eclipse JDT model and XMAP introspection. Through demonstrations, Sun will introduce you to the new features he has implemented: existing extension point proposals, extension completion based on descriptors, documentation in tooltips, etc.

Customer and Partner Talks

Using Vaadin to Integrate Liferay and the Nuxeo Platform - Laurent Dreuillat, Océane Consulting

Nuxeo SI Partner Océane Consulting has built and implemented this integration for many of their customers, and Laurent Dreuillat, CTO, will tell us what they’ve learned from the experience. He will discuss the benefits and tradeoffs of the different integration approaches, including a standards-based integration with OpenSocial and CMIS, and building custom Liferay portlets using Vaadin and the Nuxeo Content Automation API.

A Document Acquisition Solution for the Nuxeo Platform - Pierre Gachon and Frédéric Barmes, Sword

Based on Spi.Factory from Spigraph, Spi2Scan integrates a document acquisition solution with the Nuxeo Platform. The solution connects to the scanner directly from the client interface, eliminating the need to access the scan application.  

Capgemini NL and Nuxeo: One Year Later, Great Things Have Happened - Patrick Buschman,Capgemini NL

Over the past year, Capgemini NL and Nuxeo have worked together on several interesting content management projects, and we’ll share our experience with you in this presentation. We’ll mainly talk about our projects with NFI (Netherlands Forensics) and MVB, a German business magazine for the publishing and bookselling industry.

A Document Management Application for 200 Users Built with Nuxeo Studio - Julien Alexandre, ERDF (French National Electricity Company)

The previous document management system at ERDF crashed while I was in the middle of my project to develop a new document management system. I will give feedback on how I managed to fully customize our Nuxeo instance with Nuxeo Studio and build a document management solution for 200 users at ERDF. 

Extensibility and Use of Nuxeo as a Document Management Platform - Christophe Capon, Vilogia

Vilogia chose the Nuxeo Platform more than 2 years ago as a central component of their software infrastructure. Christophe Capon, CIO, will discuss some of their Nuxeo-based projects, including a correspondence management application with their CRM, document management in their extranets, development of a light client for the Nuxeo Platform, and integration of SolR through the Nuxeo Automation API. 

Using CMIS to Present Relevant Assets in Hippo - Bas Van Leeuwen, Hippo

Nuxeo does DAM right, and Hippo does websites right. Combining the two unleashes their respective powers in just the right way, allowing you to use Nuxeo's workflows and tools to manage assets that are then pushed to the web or to an intranet. 

Feed your Nuxeo System with Ephesoft’s Intelligent Document Capture Platform - Ian Pope, Ephesoft

Learn how Ephesoft's Intelligent Document Capture solutions for On-Premise or in the Cloud can enable any organization to make sense of their paper and electronic documents through OCR Automation and a CMIS Connector. 

Présentation des Applications GEDCourriers et GEDEI (in French) - Julie Lecomte, Ministère de l’Agriculture

Présentation des différentes utilisations de Nuxeo au Ministère de l'agriculture notamment la solution de gestion de courriers ainsi que la solution GEDEI qui permet de gérer au travers du module DM l'élaboration, la validation et la publication des instructions et autres documents administratifs ainsi que leur consultation et interne et par le grand public via un projet WebEngine. Construire un portail pour Nuxeo (in French)Loic MarteauOsiviaOsivia présente son connecteur avancé vers Nuxeo. Il permet de publier et partager les contenus web et bureautique de Nuxeo vers des sites Web, Intranet, et ENT.